Welcome to the ARISE Wellness, a community committed to help you find balance, health, and freedom from the inside out. We offer several yoga and wellness classes that empower you to invest in yourself, build community, and deepen your yoga and health practice. We have a variety of classes. 

Unique to our studio, we offer a daily faith based Yoga class. We call these classes “Faith Arise.” The Faith Arise yoga class is founded on the Biblical Christian beliefs and will include scripture from the Bible, Christian music, prayer, and meditation. In addition to our Faith Arise Yoga we offer Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin, Gentel, Sculpt and more. Our classes provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels of experience. At ARISE will share a place with like-minded people choosing to ARISE and pursue balance, health, and freedom. 

We can’t wait to meet you!

Our studio classes provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels of experience. You will share a place with like-minded people whose focus is elevating and empowering their practice. We can’t wait to meet you!

Pricing & Memberships

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At Arise we offer workshops, retreats, and a wide-rage of events listed below:



Join us for our annual retreat to Arise and Shine!

Each year we gather to reflect, remember, relax, rejoice, and rejuvenate. The Arise retreat is an opportunity to connect with God, yourself, and others through yoga, education, nature, prayer, meditation, worship, nutrition food, and more. As we move through life, we acknowledge life can be challenging, but with it a gift of choice to continue. Like the lotus flower that is covered in the dark muddy waters of the swamp, it pushes and presses up toward the light until it blossoms into a vibrant, breathtaking flower that radiates the world with glory. We, too, can blossom despite the darkness. We can press toward the light. The choice to continue. To move forward. To Arise and keep shinning. The ability to set time aside to be refreshed, to nourish our nervous systems, to embrace God’s love and healing, and to connect with community is a gift that empowers us to ARISE. You. Are. Not. Alone.  Let’s do this together. 

Four days and three nights of inspiration, relaxation, rejuvenation, and retreat festivities

• limited spots Available for each retreat

• Accommodations to suit your budget and your needs are available. Private or shared rooms allow for more affordable pricing. 

• Nourishing meals will be prepared for you daily

• live music 

• Guest speaker

• Guest Instructor

*Date and locations coming soon!