Yoga is a powerful way to care for your body, mind, and soul. The physical challenge created by postures and movement invite opportunity to utilize breath, prayer, meditation,mental, emotional, and spiritual strength as tools to turn challenge into an opportunity for growth. Yoga, breath, prayer, and meditation become vessels for growth on your mat and the ability to transform. 


In the Yoga teacher training program you will have the opportunity to explore the vast benefits of yoga and deepen your own practice while acquiring the knowledge and skills to confidently teach yoga upon completion if you choose. 


Join us for a life changing experience and earn your 200hr Yoga Teaching certificate. This training is designed to deepen and evolve your mind body and soul. A wonderful investment for yourself, equipping you with the resources to be an impactful yoga teacher. We utilize the techniques of yoga and the foundation of faith to up-level our soul’s expression through the physical form to bring vibrant health balance and freedom. 


Are you ready to clean and purify your body temple? Do you feel the exhilaration of growth and expansion calling your name? Is healing your mental patterns and emotional wounds a priority in your life? Is this way of life something that you aspire to share and teach to others? Arise Wellness curriculum courses are designed to inspire you to make the changes that let your Spirit SHINE! Join us for an In-Depth look at Asana (posture), Yogic Philosophy, Yoga and the Christian faith, Meditation, Breath-work, nutrition and more. 

As a yoga instructor, not only can you do what you love as a job, but you can have a huge impact on the lives of others around you, which makes becoming a yoga instructor truly unique. Yoga is a great way to empower yourself also, you’ll have the tools to live a healthier and more mindful life while connecting with like minded individuals. The saying practice makes perfect is true in this case also, over the years you’ll expand your own yoga practices, making you a better teacher and person all the way around. Empowering others is our bread and butter and we are excited to offer these services to people in our community.


• Yoga history and philosophy.

• Faith and yoga.

• The power of language to create impacting classes.

• Sequence techniques.

• Anatomy and posture clinics to ensure safety and that you get the most out of each pose.

• Prayer, mindset, and meditation techniques for personal and class impact.

• The business of yoga and how to brand yourself as an instructor. 


Whether this is your first time hearing about Yoga or you have taken classes, Yoga Teacher Training will have a transformative impact on your life. You will learn the basics of yoga as well as deepen your knowledge of yoga history impact and purpose. You will be given the tools needed to deepen your own practice as well be ready to teach yoga in a study, gym, recreation center or private setting.

Pricing & Memberships

Paid in Full

one time payment
$ 2899
  • • $100 off if paid in full by start date

Four Payments

$ 649
  • • $401 Deposit required
  • • 4 Payments

Six Payments

$ 433
  • • $401 Deposit required
  • • 6 Payments


50% off Arise Yoga Retreats in California. Arise Yoga Retreat will be held annually. We are offering 50% off the retreat cost ($700-1000 value) to anyone who takes the Yoga Teacher Training as a BONUS! This is an extra perk to taking the Yoga teacher training program with us. Arise Retreats are a time to connect deeply with yourself, God, and others through nourishing food, Yoga, prayer, meditation, nature and more. We hope to see you there. Visit the YOGA STUDIO page for more details.

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